We offer letterpress printing services to all the artists, designers and professionals who wish to leave a lasting impression and who cherish handmade things.

We press one sheet at a time, by hand, on our antique Chandler & Price table top press, that leaves a beautiful impression of your design on the paper. We only provide letterpress printing on our own handcrafted cotton paper, for a total handmade and sustainable experience. Our paper is available in a range of colours. If you can't find the right colour that fits your project in our paper shop, please email us and we will be happy to help you try and find the perfect colour. We hand mix the printing ink so we can create a unique custom colour. Our press printing area goes up to 5’’x 7’’. It's perfect for business cards, thank you cards, wedding invitations, day off stationery, small artwork...

We also provide blind letterpress as well, where no ink is applied, which brings a minimalist and elegant touch to your stationery. We recommend blind letterpress or foil printing for our darker shades of handmade paper.


Foil printing creates a luxurious and a bright finish on your stationery. We are able to provide foil accents of certain details as our Kingsley hot foil stamping machine allows us to foil designs up to 3 inches wide x 2 inches high. It's perfect for names, titles and small designs. Foil printing and letterpress work great together!


Our business cards are ideal for professionals who seek a unique way to stand out from the competition. Our business cards are handcrafted in a quality and sustainable manner. The pricing includes a custom design layout with all your information, your existing logo, letterpress printing, one hand mixed custom ink colour and our handmade cotton paper. Our minimum quantity order is 50 cards. Please note that our cards are a little bigger than the standard size due to the deckled edges (up to 3.54’’x 2.75’’). You can upgrade your business cards with full foil printing as long as your info and logo fit in our machine.

We store all the printing plates so if any additional business cards are needed in the future, there will be no charge for the design and the plate as long as the design remains the same.